Man Arrested After Throwing Rocks At Worcester Police Officer


By David Zapata –

On Monday morning around 8:15 a.m., Worcester Police responded to the area of 195 Park Ave. for a report of a male throwing rocks at a building. The first responding officer located Tommy Huynh still throwing rocks at the building upon his arrival.

As the officer approached Huynh, he gave him verbal orders to drop the rocks at which time Huynh began throwing rocks at the officer.

Worcester Police confirm that the officer did deploy his department issued taser however because of the type of jacket that Huynh was wearing the taser had no effect on him.

Huynh continued throwing rocks at the officer, striking the officer in the elbow at which time the officer drew his department issued firearm and again ordered Huynh to drop the rocks.

Worcester police confirm that a witness approached Huynh from behind and tackled him and the officer was then able to place Huynh in handcuffs.

Huynh was arrested and has been charged with 2 counts of Vandalism, Malicious Destruction under $1200, and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon.

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